Biblical & Spiritual Meaning of Flickering Lights (Bad!)

Biblical and Spiritual Meaning of Flickering Lights. In spirituality, electrical glitches are considered a sign of your high vibrational frequency or the etheric life force energy of a spiritual being trying to talk to you.

From a biblical point of view, flickering lights are thought to mean that a ghost or a loved one who has died is nearby. If your electrical current is not broken, a light that flickers often could be a sign that your angels are coming to visit you.

This article will explain what flickering lights mean in the Bible and spiritual realm so you can better understand what the higher world is trying to tell you.

Flickering lights are a sign of the presence of spirits or angels, and they may be trying to pass on a message. They are also a symbol of the need to awaken from spiritual slumber and embrace a renewed fervor for God. In a biblical context, flickering lights can be associated with spiritual truths, divine revelations, and the presence of God.

Spiritual Meaning of Flickering Lights


Flickering lights signify a spirit’s existence in the spiritual world. It is believed that whenever spirits come to the earth, there is a disruption in our vibration and energy frequency. Sometimes, it will mess with the lights and shake our feet briefly.

The first spiritual implication of flickering light is the presence of a spirit. So, you should develop your spiritual senses to tell when a spirit is around. Also, in the spirit world, flickering lights mean conflict inside.

It means you have a lot of worries about the future and your abilities. This is why the lights are flickering around you. When you have problems inside, it throws off your chakras and energy.

The same is true for lights that flash. When a light flickers, it’s because there’s a break in the energy flow. As a sign of what’s going on with you, the universe will make the lights around you flicker.

Also, the universe shows you what is happening with your chakra and what it means. In the spiritual world, different kinds of flickering lights mean different things.

What Does It Mean If Lights Around You Flicker?


It means that everything in the universe is watching you. When lights flicker around you in the spiritual world, you become the center of attention.

This is great because you will always see the universe and know where it is going. This will only last for a short time. So, you should make the most of this time of year.

A call for attention is another spiritual meaning. When you saw the light flickering, it caught your attention.

This is a physical thing that shows how you should act spiritually. The universe wants you to pay attention to the spirit world. If you do this, you’ll get messages from the spirit world and reach a point of change.

Biblical Meanings of Flickering Lights


“The light of the wicked will flicker and die, not a spark from his fire will shine, …”

Job 18:5-21

1) Internal turbulence

When your light bulbs flicker out of the blue for no reason, it could indicate that your energy is not well grounded. You might face much opposition, stopping you from achieving your dreams.

If you’re not grounded, your auric field could make nearby electronics and lights glitch or stop working. Do a grounding exercise or meditate to get back in touch with the energy source.

2) The supernatural thing is there

You could have called up a ghost if you and your friends are playing with an Ouija board and the lights flicker. These trapped souls might have unfinished business that they need your help with, and until the problem is solved, they might keep doing scary things to get your attention.

3) Angelic guidance

Light problems could also signify that your guardian angels want to tell you something. It could be a sign that you must be extra careful with others because you might meet a disturbed person with psychopathic and murderous tendencies.

If you’re having a hard time right now, the flickering lights could be a sign from God to give you comfort, love, and hope. They also help you solve your problem or stay on the right track.

4) Make the most of your life

Lights that flicker could also be God’s way of telling you to start living your life to the fullest. Stop wasting time judging and comparing your life to other people’s.

You won’t be able to stay in this beautiful paradise for very long. Do you want it to be full of things you’re sorry about?

When you find a flickering light, God is telling you that it’s time to live your life to the fullest, go to faraway places, give yourself the best quality of life possible, and become the best version of yourself you know you can be.

5) The protection of God

God might also protect you if you see lights flickering. This is a message from your guardian angels that you need to calm down and let the power of God flow through you if you feel helpless and worried about something in your life.

6) The deceased loved one is trying to contact you

Some Christians believe that flickering lights could mean that a loved one who has died is trying to get your attention and tell you something important. Their energetic blueprint may be messing up the light you’re seeing.

If you just lost a loved one, God is likely giving them a chance to say goodbye to you.

7) Go with your gut

When lights flicker around you, your angels could tell you to trust your inner guidance system. It likely is when you feel something is wrong in your relationship. It’s best to talk to your partner about the problem right away.

8) God is showing you the right way to go

When you come across a flickering light, this could be a message from God pointing you toward the most conducive to your soul’s evolution. If you feel lost and confused about where to go, step back and ask God to show you the way home.

This could also be a reminder from God that you need to follow your bliss. Feel free to go your way and walk the path less traveled.

9) Having doubts

Flickering lights could also mean that you are losing faith in God. You may be having a hard time and can’t figure out how to get out of it. The flickering light you found could have been God’s way of sending you His light and healing power.

10) God’s grace

In the Bible, light is often seen as a sign that God is near. When you see a flickering light, God is calling you to be a channel for his grace.

This could remind you to be kind, loving, and forgiving, even when others don’t deserve it. Raise the vibration of your environment by bringing joy and becoming a role model to those around you.

11) Spiritual awakening

When lights flicker around you, you’ve become aware of the infinite possibilities, and your energy is now trying to adjust to your time-space reality.

You might have a higher vibrational output that makes the electronics, appliances, and light fixtures shine when you’re around.

When you’re in tune with the infinite and vibrating at a higher level of awareness, you can control the energies around you and play with the parts of your reality.

12) Sign of good luck

In the Bible, flickering lights could also mean good luck and fortune. You might receive some unexpected gifts and opportunities. If you’ve been having a lot of bad luck, it’s a sign that better times are on the way, and you’ll soon be able to see how valuable the bad times were.

13) Differences between people

The way the lights flicker could also mean you’re having second thoughts about your relationship. There could also be a misunderstanding between you and your partner. God is telling you to trust your partner and not rush things.

The flickering light could also be a sign that you’re in a fake relationship with your ex that comes and goes and that you’re not sure where you stand with this person. Think about talking to them about it; if you do, be honest about how you feel about it.

14) Career advancement

When lights wink at you, it could be a good sign that you will get a job promotion, a bonus, or a chance to study at a prestigious international school.

Seeing the light flickering means, you will do well in your creative work and business. Once you’ve given up all your resistance, you can move into a time when everything goes well. Get clear on what you want from life and let the universe’s abundance flow freely into your life.

15) Being around someone with a strong aura

When the lights flicker every time someone is near, it could mean that they have a very high vibrational frequency. For example, if the light flickers when your grandma is around, she might operate at a higher level of consciousness.

There’s also a chance that flickering lights are a sign that an alien or a spirit is messing with you. When you have flashed in your head, it could be a sign from the divine realm that you need to talk to your higher self to figure out what they’re trying to tell you.

16) Remain vigilant

If you see street lights flickering, this could be a sign from your guardian angels that you’re in danger. Someone could be following you around or making plans to hurt you.

Be careful about who you tell your secrets to, and don’t be afraid to cut ties with people who only bring you bad things.

17) Your energy center is firm

If you keep seeing lights flicker, this could also mean that you have an intense energy center. You are a powerful creator, learning to create with less resistance and more flow.

Because this is a high-energy source, you can also quickly bring what you have sent into the metaphysical realm into your physical reality.

The second meaning also says that you’re starting to stand up for yourself and know how much you’re worth. You say what’s on your mind, even if it’s hard, and don’t settle for the bare minimum.

18) Strong feelings

When lights suddenly turn on and off around you, it could be a sign from your guardian angels that you’re getting too involved in other people’s problems.

If you’re very sensitive, you should protect your energy and avoid people who intentionally put you in challenging situations.

19) Ties that bind

When the light flickers when you and your partner are together, it could mean that your connection is robust. The lights could be your guardian angels’ way of showing how happy they are about your beautiful love for each other.

Spiritual Meanings of Different Colored Light Bulbs Flickering

Color of Light FlickerSpiritual Meaning
RedRepresents passion, love, and strong emotions.
BlueSignifies calmness, communication, and inner peace.
GreenRepresents healing, growth, and balance.
YellowSymbolizes optimism, joy, and intellect.
PurpleRepresents spirituality, intuition, and higher consciousness.
OrangeSignifies creativity, enthusiasm, and self-expression.
WhiteSymbolizes purity, clarity, and spiritual awakening.
PinkRepresents love, compassion, and emotional healing.
GoldSignifies divine protection and abundance.
SilverSymbolizes intuition and feminine energy.

Do Lights That Flicker Mean Good or Bad Luck?


There is no bad luck associated with lights that flicker. They can be a warning, but they don’t bring bad luck. So, there is nothing to be afraid of when the lights flicker.

Final Words from Spiritual Details

There are different spiritual and biblical meanings for lights that flicker. To determine what it means for you, listen to your inner guidance system and see if any of the above meanings feel right.

But before you jump to mystical conclusions and worry about ghosts, you should check all the electricity in your house and call an electrical service provider to see if there’s a problem with your light bulb, electronics, or how electricity is sent.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1: What does it mean when lights in my home start flickering unexpectedly?
A1: Flickering lights are sometimes believed to be associated with negative spiritual energy or disturbances, but it’s essential to rule out common electrical issues before jumping to supernatural conclusions.

Q2: Is there a biblical perspective on flickering lights?
A2: The Bible does not explicitly mention flickering lights, so any interpretation of their spiritual meaning would be subjective and based on individual beliefs or cultural traditions.

Q3: Can flickering lights be a sign of a haunting or paranormal activity?
A3: While some people associate flickering lights with paranormal phenomena, it’s crucial to investigate logical explanations first, such as faulty wiring or bulb issues, before assuming supernatural causes.

Q4: How can I address flickering lights in my home from a spiritual perspective?
A4: If you believe in spiritual significance, you may choose to pray, cleanse your space, or seek guidance from a spiritual advisor to address any concerns related to flickering lights.

Q5: What steps should I take if flickering lights persist and I’m concerned about their meaning?
A5: If flickering lights continue despite checking for electrical problems, consider consulting an electrician to rule out any physical issues. Additionally, if you’re genuinely worried about spiritual meanings, reach out to a trusted spiritual leader or expert for guidance and support.